Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | November 3, 2009

Dipping our toe into online shopping

As readers of this blog will be completely aware, Fonte Dei Marmi is a bathroom showroom based in Highgate, north London, and as such has hitherto traded in the same way as any other high street retailer; namely, relying on foot traffic through the door in order to make sales. Recently however, as many retailers would have noticed, there are fewer people walking around on the streets and everybody is out to get the very best deal they can for the ever-decreasing amount of disposable income that they have.

All showrooms in the bathroom retail industry find themselves in the same position, and one of the main competitors to making shop floor sales is the Internet Рpeople everywhere are coming into showrooms like ours, picking our brains for knowledge, getting quotes for their products, then heading online to try to get the same products at a cheaper price. This situation is by no means unique to Fonte Dei Marmi, it is something that every showroom that we have spoken to is all too aware of.

In this situation there are really only three possible courses of action:

  1. Resign ourselves to the fact and live with it
  2. Give up and tell ourselves that it wasn’t meant to be, or
  3. Fight fire with fire

Precisely nobody will be surprised that we have opted for option 3.

That being the case, Fonte Dei Marmi is very pleased to announce the arrival of our online store.

Online store screenshot

Most of the Grohe product catalog is online right now

Everything is up and running as of Monday night (2nd November 2009), and we have started with the easiest set of products which can be built upon over the coming months based on feedback from users and customers. We have started with a single manufacturer РGrohe, and we have most of their UK retail products on the web and available to buy now.

Product details

All products have full details and descriptions with them

This is very much a case of us dipping our toe into the online shopping world, and starting small with a set of products that can be easily managed enables us to react quickly and easily to customer demand. That way we can deliver the best experience to our customers and potential customers.

We hope that everyone enjoys the new store, and we look forward to developing it in the very near future.


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