Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | February 10, 2010

“On A Roll” … According to EKB Business magazine

There is no such thing as bad publicity, or so the saying goes. And that is of course true; what’s better than bad publicity though is good publicity, and that is what we have for ourselves in the latest issue of EKB (Essential kitchen and bathroom) Business magazine ( which is out and about now.

We know that it is out and about right now because even before we got to see ourselves in the publication, we got a number of e-mails and phone calls from friends in the business to crack wise about the photos, and also to congratulate us at the same time. So, after the inevitable ribbing, it was nice of these people to think enough of us to call and e-mail. Thanks especially to John Mayer of Touchstone Worktops ( who was so hot off the blocks with his e-mail that we are convinced that he was camped outside the printing plant, waiting to get hold of his still-warm copy of the publication. Thanks John. Also, many thanks to Christopher Hackett of Classic Marble ( whose classic (pardon the pun!) brand of Irish wit is legendary and very welcome indeed.

The biggest thanks of all though are saved for Novellini (UK) who arranged for the entire thing to take place with photo shoot, journalists and everything else. Without looking to turn this into an oscar-winning style list of thank yous, there are a few people who should be mentioned as without them we would still be only reading the publication and not appearing in it, so very quickly, thanks to:

  1. Rob Stewart, Novellini (UK) (whose smiling face you will also see in the article)
  2. Stewart West, Novellini (UK) for all of his help to date
  3. Chris Hewitt, Novellini (UK) for being a legendary sales rep, and for all of his work and input to date, and
  4. Deborah Risbridger, DRA Public Relations for being the girl on the spot, coordinating everything on the day

That’s the thank yous out-of-the-way, you have to admit that it wouldn’t exactly rival the legends of the Oscar-receiving elite, but not too bad anyway.

So, how did it all come about then we hear you ask? How did you manage to get all of these folks to come to the showroom and put the piece together?

Well, long story short, it all just kind of happened around us to be honest. The article is in partnership with Novellini (UK) and it was they that teed up the event from start to finish, the idea being (and accomplished completely) to showcase their product ranges which we have on display in the showroom as regular readers would no doubt be aware. As part of that publicity, the PR guru, Deborah Risbridger – or Debs, as preferred by her – decided that it would be good to showcase the entire showroom, with us, front and centre. Nerve-wracking for ones inexperienced in the ways of PR and journalism.

One day in November 2009 the showroom was decended upon by the guys from Novellini, Debs, the journalist and the photographer along with all of his kit. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a what turned out to be a normal day for November, there we were, hastily changing into suits and ties ready for the main shots, and trying to take part in interviews to the best of our ability while attending to customers, answering phone calls and picking out products around the showroom to get “that” picture.

A busy day, and one that will not easily be forgotten, due in no small part to the feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of it, but with the article now having been published – and a very good article it is too, one that we are very pleased with and proud of – it was all well worthwhile.

With the publicity duck now broken, you all have your chance to have a read of the piece in the April edition of EKB Business magazine. We hope to pop up in other publications along the way in an ongoing effort to keep everyone up to date with goings-on at the showroom.

We hope you enjoy reading the article as much as we enjoyed participating in it and we look forward to keeping you updated with more things in the near future.

Authographs of the stars of the piece are available for a small fee. (giggle)


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