Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | February 25, 2010

Introducing the world’s thinnest shower head

Every so often there comes a product that takes a well-known item, adds style to it, and turns it into something that blows you away. Today is one of those every so oftens …

Introducing the world’s thinnest shower head.

2mm thin and 225mm in diameter

The World's thinnest shower head

At 2mm thin in stainless steel, this 225mm diameter Italian designed and manufactured shower head takes style to a whole new level. This is a fixed shower head that attaches to a standard wall or ceiling arm, and produces an X-shaped spray pattern with excellent flow rate. Recommended pressure of 2.0 bar or above for the best effect, this shower head is a must for any stylish bathroom re-model.

Supercool and super thin

Supercool and super thin

Given the thinness of the product, it is entirely possible to have it mounded directly to the ceiling without the need to undertake extensive modifications to the existing ceiling … just flush mount it and the effect is the same.

Side view

Side view

View from beneath showing the spray pattern

View from beneath showing the spray pattern

 We love the way that the highly mirrored surface reflects and brings out the very best of the natural stone on the wall

Another side view

Another side view

Gee, that's thin!

Gee, that's thin!

On sale through Fonte Dei Marmi for just £395.00 + VAT


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