Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | March 27, 2010

Introducing “Kuadra” by Novellini

Manufacturers of all products in all industries continually try to evolve their product range and launch new products to market; that’s been going on since the industrial age and comes as no surprise to anyone. Every once in a while though, a company will launch a new product range which, while very much in-keeping with their existing line up, is new, improved and resonates with the public. That is the case with “Kuadra” by Novellini.

As many of you will already know, Novellini has two brands that it manufactures under: Novellini for the standard products, and Elysium for the premium offering. You will likely already know too that Fonte Dei Marmi is the premier London showroom for both of those brands. It is as a result of being in that privileged position that we have been able to witness first hand, the popularity of the new Kuadra product.

Kuadra G+2F inline

Kuadra G+2F inline

For a couple of months now, we have had a prototype version of one of the shower enclosures in the showroom, and since it was seen by the very first customer through the door after it was installed, we knew it would be a hit.

Well now, the product has been officially launched to the UK market and the first few truckloads of product are, as we write this post, en route from the factory in Italy to the UK ready to be shipped out to the first set of customers.

As one would expect from Novellini, the Kuadra range is complete – from wet floor panels and enclosure side panels to pivot doors, sliding doors, double sliding doors and pivot doors with inline panels and bath screens. The only notable omission from the range is a quadrant corner enclosure, but the reasons for that are completely obvious when you see the product. Sporting an anti-bacterial solid-looking (and feeling) chrome profile and 8mm tempered safety glass, Kuadra has the feeling of a very well made product right from the get-go.

Clear glass is the norm throughout the range with some models available in “Ravenna” print for both design and modesty. With Ravenna print specified, it is applied directly to the glass at the factory and sports an attractive and very modern chequered  square pattern on the glass.

The innovation of the range are the new UV bonded hinges – unique to the Novellini group – which are a design innovation giving the hinges the excellent strength qualities of UV bonding to the glass without having to drill trough the glass or have hinge mechanisms on both sides of the door. See the images below for a taste of how the new UV bonded hinges enhance the product offering.

Novellini UV bonded hinges

Novellini UV bonded hinges

Kuadra is the first range under the Novellini brand to be made in 8mm glass (it has been available in the premium Elysium range from the beginning) and the EasyClean finish comes as standard on all products in the range for easy cleaning and maintenance. Present too on all applicable products in the range is a metal handle and panel adjustments of up to 60mm. New to the Kuadra range is that all glass is now 2.00m high (rather than the previous 1.95m in the Novellini range).

Speaking to Chris Hewitt of Novellini about the Kuadra and what it means to him, and to Novellini, he said “I am really excited about the new product and I took an order for a £10,000 contract before it was even launched, and I know it will be a very well selling product.” He is a man of few words when it comes to a sound bite, but it does sum the product up perfectly, and correlates directly with our own feelings about how popular this product is certain to be. With a price point beneath that of the premium Elysium range, but at the upper end of the Novellini range, it is perfectly priced for the quality and style which is sure to please everyone given the recent financial hardship that the country has suffered.

Fonte Dei Marmi will of course have a large chunk of the first batch of products off the truck in the next few days down to the showroom as display models on public display. In the meantime, we do already have a couple of the products in the range to show and we welcome all visitors to discuss them with us. Brochures on the Kuadra product will be available shortly after launch and Fonte Dei Marmi will have stocks of them hot off the presses.

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