Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | September 8, 2010

Things you should know before buying your new bathroom.

Our last three blogs tell you everything you need to know before you start designing your bathroom including some of the common problems. This week we prepare you for the delivery and installation. Once you have read this you are ready to choose your products.

Logistics – Many people look at their bathroom in isolation. The new bathroom could be palatial in size, it may take up the whole floor of a house but you still need to get the items from the delivery truck to the bathroom.

Always consider the route these items need to take. The last thing you want is for the delivery men to leave a bath or sink in your front garden because it won’t go through the front door. Or to break a 1600mm single part shower screen trying to get it up an awkward staircase.

Know the journey everything needs to take do not leave it to guess work or worse still, wishful thinking.

Storage – In general, a bathroom supplier will deliver the whole order in one delivery. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store the goods until your installer is ready for them. If you don’t have the space, ensure you tell the supplier in advance. They will know the order in which to receive and deliver the items as and when your installer needs them. 

Stress – Having the workmen in at any time can be stressful. Having a new bathroom fitted no different. In an ideal world, go away for a couple of weeks. Have the work done when you are on holiday or just move out. If this isn’t possible take all precautions to preserve your sanity and your home.

Ensure there are adequate floor and carpet coverings. Put down heavy dust sheets and if necessary, cover those with some plywood boards in areas of heavy traffic. Cover all furniture, electronics and valuable items with plastic sheeting and seal doors to other rooms with plastic sheeting and heavy-duty tape.

If you have more than one bathroom DO NOT have them both renovated at the same time, leave at least a few days in between. If you have only one bathroom make sure the installer re-connects the toilet pan every night.

Installation – We cannot harp on enough about having a good installation team. Apart from being trustworthy and reliable you really do need workmen who are experienced in bathroom installation.

If you are having a wet floor or wet room installed use a specialist team as if done incorrectly will lead to leaks and further expense to make right. (We will be covering wet rooms in more detail in a future blog)

If you are buying complex brassware such as body jets, thermostatic valves or bath fillers – make sure your installers are experienced with these types of products. Amateurs may not understand the mechanisms and try to assemble parts they are unfamiliar with. Many of these components come in three or four boxes and on occasions we have seen that these boxes have all been emptied out in one place, parts that were considered to be irrelevant thrown away, the instructions lost and the installer completely confused.

Bad workmanship can lead to a disappointing finish with products being damaged, wood furniture and chrome getting scratched, taps scored and screws ruined because the wrong screwdriver was used.  Don’t leave it to chance, use installers who are insured and can provide references…don’t be afraid to check them.

In our next blog we will be delving into history and looking at bathrooms through the ages, their function and design. If there are any bathroom subjects you would like to know more about or have any comments please feel free to do so.


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