Posted by: Fonte Dei Marmi | September 23, 2010

Shower cabins

On Thursday 23rd September 2010 we are welcoming the HSK show van to our showroom and inviting people to come in for the chance to see a selection of their current range, a look around our showroom and a glass of wine. HSK are manufacturers of shower enclosures, shower trays, bath screens, shower panels, shower packs, brassware, mirror cabinets, bathroom radiators and accessories.

In the coming weeks our blogs will be focusing on shower enclosures, starting this week with shower cabins.

A shower cabin kit comprises shower tray, sides, door, shower pack including the showerhead and sometimes a roof dome or pod.  The average price for a shower cabin ranges from £500 to £1500. Warehouse stores do sell them cheaper but the quality tends to be poor. At the other end of the scale a very high quality, large cabin with steam, multiple body jets, mirror, lights radio and hands free telephone connection can set you back up to £13,000! Perhaps for that sort of money you would want to consider letting your phone go to voicemail while you’re showering.

Shower cabins offer fewer flexibility and design options, it truly is ‘what you see is what you get’. The sizes range from 710mm x 710mm up to about 1200mm x 900mm. The most popular shapes are square, rectangle and quadrant.

In the main, shower cabins are made up of moulded plastic side panels with all the controls, jets, brassware, soap trays and seats built in. The price will determine whether the door (and clear side panels) will be made of glass or a composite material.

As with all showerheads and brassware shower cabins require a minimum water pressure. For a multi-jet unit you will need high-pressure hot and cold water supplies.

Shower cabins can go anywhere there is a water supply. The units come complete with a pre-connected waste hose fitting. They can be assembled very quickly, pipes connected and within a couple of hours you have an operational shower. Having said that, if you want the cabin to sit flush against the wall it is a recommended for the pipework to be recessed.


  • Can go anywhere there is a water supply.
  • Can be purchased ‘off the shelf’.
  • All brassware, thermostats and controls included.
  • Can offer varying options such as steam, multiple body jets, seats, lighting and entertainment.
  • Inexpensive to manufacture, so low cost.
  • Can be lighter than a tiled and glass enclosure.
  • Unlikely for the shower tray to crack with movement should the floor shift.
  • Unlikely to leak.
  • Easy to install.


  • Inflexible in terms of size, shape and design.
  • Due to the amount of plastic generally used they can look cheap and nasty.
  • Lower price units will be equipped with lower end products for the showers, thermostats and controls.
  • Quality, design and functional extras can increase the price dramatically.
  • Cannot be built in.
  • Cannot be recessed into the floor. Some cabins have a high shower tray to step into.
  • Manufacturers may make good trays and enclosures but taps and showers are not their speciality (or vice versa).
  • Cannot mix and match products to optimise function.

In next week’s blogs we will be looking at the alternative to shower cabins and the infinite design options you have when creating your own shower enclosure.

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